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A Chat Platform for Anime Fans

Visual-Novel-Style Character Animations

An AI chat platform for the cultured, where anyone can speak to (or create) user-generated scarily realistic anime characters, Utilizing AI text models fine-tuned specifically for anime characters. Characters can even display their emotions visually by giving them images for various expressions.


Create Your Own Characters

Cutting-Edge AI Character Customization

Give them personality, memory, and emotion.

Upload images of your favorite characters, write up some of their memories, personality traits, and expressions.

Once your character is created, you can speak to them and watch as they come to life with our advanced AI models. Characters can remember what you tell them, and their dialogue will evolve over time as you continue to talk to them.

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Explore Other User-Generated Characters

Users can also publicly publish characters they've created, allowing anyone to speak to them.

Explore the world of Korewa AI, discover new series and speak to characters new and old.

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Why Us?

We offer a wide variety of advantages and unique features in comparison to services of any similarity.

Advanced AI

Our AIs can simulate emotion with accuracy that models like the ChatGPT API, which many companies, use cannot.

A Vivid Experience

No other service brings as visual of a service for anime characters as we do. Nothing beats being able to see the emotion on a character's face shift as you speak to them.

A Niche for Anime

While other services offer a generalized experience, we specialize in AI for anime characters and fans.

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Hey there,

I'm Ruel Alarcon, a 19-year-old undergraduate student at the University of Saskatchewan, and the sole creator and developer behind korewa.AI!

I've been an anime, manga, and light-novel enjoyer for over a decade, on top of being an avid programming enthusiast.

Since the advent of various anime and manga, from Plastic Memories to Sword Art Online: Alicization, I've always wanted to bring the idea of korewa.AI to fruition—and now we're here!

I would have loved to make this cost nothing, but computation ain't free! Regardless, the concept of lifelike artificial intelligence has been an interesting sci-fi trope for ages, but leave it to the anime community to waifu-ify AI.

To be fair, what hasn't been made a waifu these days?


Bring your waifus and husbandos to life!